Short story 1: Aimai Elegy

This story is based on the song Aimai Elegy. It’s my first short story and I made it on  very short notice, so I hope you don’t mind me being like this. It’s probably very shallow, but that’s exactly what I wanted. Anyways, enjoy my story.


Are you afraid now?

If anything happens, we aren’t alone okay?

What are you laughing at? Geez…

*beep beep be-*

I stop my alarm clocking from beeping again and I go out of bed. I look in the mirror in my room and see my bed hair. I go to the bathroom to wash and dress myself. Walking to the mirror again, I brush my short brown hair.

When I check if I have everything, I walk downstairs to make breakfast. I eat some bread with jam.

Books, pen, eraser, novel, lollipops, lunch. Okay, I have everything I think.

I put my headphones in my ear and go to school. 20 minutes with the bus, 10 minutes walking and then I’m at school.

Walking through the gates with a lollipop in my mouth, I see a familiar face.

Surrounded with people, he talks to them very casually.

Looking to my direction he waves at me. ‘Hey!’

I glance at him and then go again to head to the main school building.

Around me there’s whispering about my behaviour, but I pay no mind to them.

I go to my seat and pick out a book while only the stick of the lollipop remains.

After some time, a hand comes in my vision and I see the boy from before.

‘Yo, didn’t you see me by the school gate? I waved at you.’

With a blank face I continue reading and answer: ‘Yeah I saw.’

‘Ehh, you did? I thought you didn’t, because you didn’t wave back’ , he says while scratching his head,  ‘why didn’t you wave back then?’

‘Didn’t want to’, I answer while focusing on the book.

He looks with a surprised look for a second, but changes back to his usual awkward smile.

‘I see, sorry if I bothered you then.’ He walks to his place where many people gather around him.

Some glares to me can be felt and they probably talk bad about me again.

They can think what they want.

That boy is an acquaintance of mine. He claims we are childhood friends, but now we are just acquaintances in my eyes. He’s very popular with people and good in almost everything he does. Although I don’t know why, he tries to befriend with me again. I don’t see a reason I do and most of the time I ignore him.

With lunch I head to the back of the school and eat my lunch in silence. It’s not much. Just some bread with jam again.

I don’t have friends, nor family. I live on my own with the money that’s been left to me. It’s not much, but if I am very conscious with what I buy, I can have enough money until I graduate.

I got the money from when my mom and dad died. I don’t know any other relatives and it seemed they broke their connections with them. Mom and dad died in an accident a year ago.

Suddenly, I hear noises from somewhere close. Approaching it, I see him again and a girl.

‘U- uhm… I- I, I like you!’ , she cries out.

Did she have to be like that?

Losing my interest, I try to walk away.

But my vision blurs and I get a headache.

Shit, why does this have to happen now.

I try to approach my bag to get medicine, but I pass out before I got it.


I open my eyes and see I’m in water.


It suffocates me.

I see something approaching me.

Don’t come closer please. Stop!

The suffocating feeling of the water while I can’t swim.

‘Stop!’ , I scream and pant. Looking around I see I’m in the infirmary.

So it happened again.

I have something doctors can’t diagnose. Sometimes I pass out. There are some medication that help me against it, but it isn’t definitive.

‘You okay?!’ ,  walking to me I see him again. I nod.

‘You are not! With lunchbreak I suddenly heard a sound and when I looked I saw that you collapsed. I will bring you home after school is over okay?’

‘Not needed.’

‘You have no right to refuse!’ , he shouts at me with an angry face.

If I don’t have a right to refuse, don’t ask it then.

Since I can’t refuse, I just accepted it and slept in the infirmary. After school was done he came back and together we went to my home.

Coming there, I wanted to go alone inside, but he insisted to come along.

When we sat down, I brought some tea and we sat on a table.

‘You know’ , he began and he chuckled, ‘in the past you were a crybaby.’

‘What has that to do with now’ , I sip some tea with an uninteresting face.

‘What happened to get you like this?’ ,says he with a serious tone. He puts down his tea and looks at me with a  serious face.

‘Who knows what happened.’

‘Please answer me.’

‘Why should I?’



‘Okay, if you don’t want to answer, I will be going for today.’

Picking up his bag, he walks away and smashes the door.

After he went away I cleaned up and did my usual daily tasks.

The next day I went outside and sit under a bridge. Staring at nothing and wearing my casual clothes, I think about what happened yesterday.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Scared of getting close to others, I am always cold to others so they go away. Like I did by him.

My fault sorry.

My thoughts get jumbled and I start to run from under the bridge. Not minding where I go, I run for some time. When I’m exhausted, I sit on the ground to rest. I look at my surroundings and see someone lying on the ground.

Why is he…?

I pick my telephone and call for an ambulance. Not much later, there’s an ambulance and they carry him. We arrive at the hospital and it seemed like nothing special happened. Just dehydration, due to the warmth.

I stay for a while in the hospital and get slowly sleepy.

This is suffocating, why is it happening again?

Again in this suffocating world, I drown in my worries.

Struggling has no effect and I give up.

I’m tired of this. Just…let it end.

Opening my eyes I see that it is already late.

I feel asleep… I should get going.

‘Hmm…just…let it…end’ ,the sound of groaning is heard by my side. Seeing him in a nightmare worries me.

Those…were exactly my thoughts. Is he also, like me?

Even if people are popular, doesn’t mean they’re happy.

I stroke his head until he calms down.

Even though I’m always cold doesn’t mean I don’t like you.

I kiss him on his forehead. Before I’m able to walk away, I get grabbed by the hand. Turning my head around I see him awake.

‘Y- you were awake.’

‘Yeah, not long though.’

He smiles at me and pulls me closer. I close my eyes out of reflex and before I know it, I feel something against my lips.

Shocked I try to move but he doesn’t let me.

When he finally pulls back, he smirks at me and asks: ‘This is how I feel, how do you feel?’

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