Manga review: Katsute Mahou Shoujo to Aku wa Tekitai shite Ita

Again with the same author of Inu x Boku SS! This too is incomplete due to the author passing away. The announcement in Gangan Joker noted that the decision to publish the manga’s third volume was made after consulting Fujiwara’s family (source: MyAnimeList). The author did do much. Good job author and I hope you rest in peace. anyways, this manga has an extremely long name, it’s obvious and logic. So let’s go to the story!

The Magical Girl and The Evil Officer theme 2


Mira, the clever brains behind an evil organization that invades and destroys everything in its path. One day, a magical girl named Byakuya Mimori decides to stand up to the organization, and Mira falls in love with her at first sight. While she’s being obviously used by her contractor, very poor, innocent af and I guess you qualify it as a loli. Mira comes to visit her everyday while their different background can make very fun situation and misunderstanding, he still continues to meet.



The first reaction on this was: why the heck is there a loli here? I stopped reading it for a while after experiencing the first chapter and when I saw it again, decided to read again. It’s very fun and i guess you can’t qualify it as ecchi, but there’s definitely ecchi stuff in. I think its soft ecchi stuff. Oh and I don’t like it, but only compare this to fairy tale, since that’s the only ecchi manga I’ve ever read and not planning to read the genre. So the art is so nice and adorable. Those innocent eyes so cute. The story was full of short stories and fun, but it didn’t have that much impact on me. I found it funny that the contractor is probably a reference to Kyubei from Madoka Magica. well at least I thought it like that. The contractor was so 100% abusing it’s authority over her that she was made cosplaying and had to work, while being poor. The side characters made so many misunderstandings and funny situation, that I found it very orignal this happens. I will give this a 7/10. It was definetly not a bad one, but I don’t really like the loli stuff.

So this was it for this week and see you laters.


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