Important notice #005: 2018 plans

First of all: Merry Christmas all over the world! yayyy….. Okay to be honest, I don’t like nor hate Christmas. Everyone has their opinion about Christmas.

That aside, like you see in the title, about my plans for 2018. I’m going to discuss a few things that I’m planning to do. And that above is a drawing I made for christmas (pls don’t use it unless you ask and got permission. Not that anyone would want to have this).

Schets #006.JPG
For an art competition

First of all, I’m writing a story. Dunno how long it will take, but I’m planning to write much this holiday. I hope I can publish it before June 2018. I don’t know if that is really going to work out, but I will definitely write the story and won’t abandon it. I thought it would be fun to know this, because why not? I like sharing my work with others. So about the writing project, I plan to write 100 pages and then begin publishing it weekly or daily. I think it’s best I do it every 3 days or every week, because I don’t write that fast and this will be my first time. I had written a begin of the story, but wasn’t satisfied so I am now making a second version. The first version is about 12 pages long. I will post that maybe if I don’t have enough chapters anymore. I hope I will finish this before the deadline I made and I also hope you guys will enjoy it. I also hope you will point out any grammar mistakes I make.

The second matter, about this blog, I know I’m lazy with summaries. I’m going to try to write them myself, but most of the time I make the reviews a day before they are actually published and I’m tired then. After that I don’t want to think and I’m just trying to remember what that manga or anime was and how I experienced it. I always try to avoid main stream stuff, because most of the time I don’t watch it or don’t like it. I really hate it when people can’t accept that. Anyways that aside, I will TRY put more effort in it if I have time.

And the last matter, I am currently involved in many of my hobbies such as this site, the writing and drawing. I also have school in the background where I don’t stand that good for right now with my grades *cough*. So I am busy myself. I have many things I want to do so maybe you will see something on my twitter if I have something I want to share. Of course I will share a bit more maybe on my blog, but I like to just hold that part on my twitter. With school, it will sometimes be hard to make some things, when I’m busy, but I think I will come with it.

So that was I think everything I want to say before the year ends. Have a nice new year everyone! And see you tomorrow for a review. Probably won’t be that special, because I just don’t want to make a review that was LONG. (#Iamlazy) Anyways, that’s it.

See you tomorrow and have a nice Christmas (if it isn’t finished yet)!


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