Manga review: Hoshiyomi no Yogensha

Nyallo people~. Shoujo mangas…..I dunno why, but I like them. Even though they are over and over again the same. Anyways. Hoshiyomi no Yogensha, also called Star-reading Prophet, it seems a bit for me in a Chinese style. The author Natsuna Kawase, has also other manga’s I’ve read. They’re most of the time just one-volume stories. Still, I like the author. Go to the reviw >o</



The uncommon fortune-teller Grand is the one who rules Dene, a big country. Tia, an assassin, was sent there to assassinate him! Already lost the will to live and failed her mission as an assassin, Tia was saved by Riis, the head of Grand’s guards. Gradually, Tia starts to regain her will to live, however…?!



Copy-pasting is still a thing that is really handy. Dunno exactly how I should do this otherwise. It will spoil everything if I would give a summary. Okay, so I liked the story. It was very obvious about what happened by here, but it won’t make it less enjoyable for me. It also has not many characters in the story. It’s just a little story to relax. I don’t think there’s much to be like: omg that happened! Since it is predictable. I would give this a 7/10. It’s very classy and not much is surprising. Ok storyline, nice art and yeah. it’s a bit your average shoujo manga. I don’t think you find very many with a theme like this one though. That’s why I gave a 7 instead of a 6.


Anyways, last manga review of the year. Wooooo, what are you going to do with Chirstmas and New year? For that I am going to try and make a special review for this. Maybe it will come and otherwise it will mean: I was too lazy!


See ya next week

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