Manga review: Good Luck, Demon King! 2

This Manhwa is again translated by one of my favourite translationgroup: Mysticcrescentscans. This is the prequel of Good Luck, Demon King! And yeah, it’s nice. I don’t know the author since I can’t find it, but anyways. Onto the review!

Good Luck, Demon King 2! Theme 3


The prequel of Good Luck, Demon King! In a world where humans just discovered magic from the demons and sent people there to learn. Follow the tragic love story about Demon King Franwoids ( in short: Xiao Fu) and Salamander. Together they find many happy things, while in the dark other demons lurk. Are the 2 the bridge between humans and demons or are they the cause that severed it?

Good Luck, Demon King 2! Theme 2


This manhwa is nice and has pretty art. They are colored and it is original. The plot and story are good and surprising. It gives a lot more clear what happened at the first one. The plot at the end wasn’t that hasty, bbut still a bit. I really enjoyed it all the way through (even though I didn’t have to wait that long for it *cough*). I will give it an 8,5/10. Just due to the plot being sometimes confusing, but very nice and the ending for being hasty. I recommend you to read Good Luck, Demon King! first and after this one. That one isn’t finished yet, but if you began there, you wont understand why the prequel is so important.


Well, that was it. I think those who follow me already for a while have noticed that i changed the website, but I just thought the previous one wasnt totally ‘to my liking, so I decided to change it. You like it?

Anyways, see you next week!

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