Manga review: Godspeed

Hello, people. I am finally making one in time! yay! These days I’m a bit lazy, so I’m not Godspeed theme 1really willing to make them and then I do that on the last day…….. a bad habit of mine. Anyways, this manga. I pay respect to the author that died on August 21st 2017. That aside, this manga has the length of 2 volumes and it reminds me a bit of manga’s like Black clover, where the protagonist gets suddenly strong and still gets stronger. That typical stuff. Also a bit of the The promised Neverland. The stuff where they discover somehing awful. So, good luck with reading people.

Godspeed theme 3


Long ago, there was a great war between the realms of angels and demons over mankind. The demons were a wicked lot and treated humans as their toys, while the angels fought to protect humans from the demons. When the war was over the angels built a town called Ilvia to keep humanity safe against the demons. In the middle of Ilvia is a place called sanctuary where children live under the guidance of the angels. The angels teach the children they must not leave the sanctuary because the demons will get them due to being attracted to their pure souls. When the children reach there fourteenth birthday they graduate from the sanctuary and are seen off by the other children to paradise. What is paradise? All is well or is there something more sinister going on behind the scenes…

Opinion:Godspeed theme 2

so there was overall in the beginning super cute and chapter 2 was like: So cruel ad so detailed. Damn! It was a short story with a simple plot. The end was really like: And they lived happily ever after. But I think it fits in this story. The appearances are original and nice. some more about the plot. It is simple, but nice enough. I think this is a story where you have a bit mixed feelings about it. I give it a 7/10. It is good, but it didn’t feel like: Yeah! This is really an amazing one! So yeah.

Sorry for the short review, but I don’t really know what to say this time.

Later people

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