Manga review: Whisper

Whisper, the author of this Manhwa is Yaet Saram. The author also created the manhwa perfect honeymoon, which I didn’t know of am not planning to read for the meantime. I honestly didn’t look at the description or genres, the only thing that interested me was the cover that you will see a picture of down below. This was created between 2015 and 2016. I honestly don’t have any information about the artist, but what I do know is that the art is in slightly different styles. On to the review before I spoil things.

Whisper theme 4
Come on see the art, it’s so beatiful

Whisper theme 2Story:

The manhwa consists of many different stories. They’re either one-shots or 3 part stories. All of them have something supernatural, but aren’t all horror. The description of the first story is: The captivating story of a budding artist, who is willing to come out of his mother’s shadow so as to paint whatever he sees… mainly things concerning the supernatural. There are many other stories and each one is unique.

Whisper theme 3


I really liked the manhwa. It was very soft horror and the supernatural parts could be like folk story soft sometimes. I feel like there could be a slice of life tag, but there wasn’t any. Still I feel like it could be possible to add the slice of life genre in it. The art was very beautiful and consisted of enough colors. The style was in each story slightly different from the other one which made me wonder how the artist could do such a thing. It’s absolutely beautiful. The stories felt like old folk stories that are based of real life occurrences.  I would give this one a 8,5/10. This is due to personal preferences, but I can understand that peple can give this a 10/10. Even I considered giving it a 9/10, but I still missed the feeling in me to say: more. That I have by those of 9/10. I recommend it to anyone who likes to read something very original, but actually to everyone, because it’s a good manhwa that I can’t really call scary despit the horror genre.


And again, this was it for this week. Phew I got it done in time.

See you later people

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