Manga review: Transparent Cohabitation

Well, this is manhwa, but like I said before i will put manhua and manhwa in the manga category, because otherwise it will get a bit messy I think. Maybe I will change it later if there are more manhwa’s/manhua’s I have read (like 10-20 more), so I will see how much I have read at that time. Well I couldn’t find any new information on the writer Jungsuh. Maybe this was a one time or I can’t find it in English and have to do that on Korean terms. I can’t do that, so I have to stick with no information I guess. Only thing I know, is that the English translation was finished a few month(s) ago. Onto the review!

Transparant Cohabitation theme 2


Because of many spoilers I will do this in 2-3 sentences.

So Yeori, a translator and psychic and Go Joon, a ghost have a relationship, but can’t touch each other. Is a relationship between the living and dead really easy to live with?

Transparant Cohabitation theme 3


Okay, first, THE FEELS!!! Omg, such a sweet and sad story. The tragedy tag is really good for this. The story plot is very heavy and surprising. Some didn’t understand the end, even I didn’t but because I read some comments with an explanation it’s understandable and a lot clearer. The genres are really on the spot. Okay, so the manhwa is coloured, original and has a peaceful and nice art. I really liked it and felt it and that’s why I will give it a 9,5/10. I don’t know why, but I just like tragedy and psychological themed stuff very much. Maybe because I find the process interesting. I recommend it to people who aren’t afraid of getting feels or just like to read romance. I mean, not everyone will get tears.


Anyways, this was it for this week, hope you enjoyed it and see you next week.



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