Manga review: Hibi Chouchou

Hmmm…….what to say about this……… I have no idea. Just that the writer is also the Hibi Chouchou theme 3author from short cake cake. A manga that’s currently translated by Last heaven fansubs. Well the translation is a bit left behind. They probably have other project or not enough funds or whatever it is. Hibi Chouchou was nominated for the 38th Kodansha Manga Award for the shoujo manga category in 2014. The series received two drama CD adaptations released with the Comic Natalie magazine in November 20, 2014 and December 5, 2014. So now onto the story!



Hibi Chouchou theme 1


A girl named Suiren is very shy due to bad experiences about her beautiful looks. She never talks and is a bit oblivious. Then there’s a boy, kawasumi, that helps her without bad intentions. He’s very quiet and diligent. They get naturally atracted to each other and get to know each other.



So yeah, this is just your ordinary shoujo manga story with high school stuff. It’s a little bit original I guess. Maybe not. I mean, a quiet boy and shy girl. Come on, this is not really that surprising anymore. Maybe the development is original. Well, that’s it for the story. The art is nice and gentle. It really gives a peacefull vibe. I’ll give this a 7,5/10. Shoujo manga stays nice most of the time. I recommend it to you, if you like to read without thinking. And want a classic shoujo manga.

Hibi Chouchou theme 2

That will be it for this week

See ya!

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