Novel review: The Dream

Edit: Link doesn’t work anymore, because website was erased.
Okay, so this is new. I wanted to do something else than manga and anime, but everthing I did wasn’t completed and it’s a requirement for me to have that. Tehre’s an exception, but dont wanna explain, because it’s difficult for me to explain. I’ll leave that for later. Back to the topic. Someone on Discord, named Rafa asked: ‘who likes reading?’. I said I liked it and then Rafa explained to me that Rafa was writing. I became interested and now there’s a review of it!!!! Link to story will be put down at the end. Enjoy reading



So this is just a short story. It goes about a boy, Tristan, who had a nightmare and has a normal life. He is in love with a girl and we all know that’s not gonna be noticed. Then he meets the monster in the nightmare and tells him that he’s an angel and the angel wants to help. What will happen to him if he accepts it?



In the beginning I was like: ‘Oh ***, I’m reading thriller/horror again.’ Ahh, I’m just too bad with it….. but after it I wasn’t thinking like that anymore. It is overall a good story. Maybe a bit simple, but this is Rafa’s first story I think. So this isn’t all that bad overall. It was at least original and it has an open ending on purpose. It’s a really big open ending, but Rafa said this was on purpose. I don’t mind it really. The way of writing is good and in first person perspective. Only that I sometimes had the feeling that it was written in third person…..dunno why tho. Maybe I was reading too fast…. Anways, there were a few grammar and errors, but it wasn’t irritating. I would give this one a 6/10. It was a good story, some things weren’t this or that, but it is still enjoyable. I would recommend this to people who like open endings and just wanna have a little story without a big plot. Like an one-shot. I wanted to keep in mind that this was his first story that was uploaded and I think I had it half in my mind.


Well, that was my opinion. Currently he’s writing his second story. Link is here –>Story. I have no idea when I’m going to review novels/stories again, but it won’t be frequent, because what I’m currently all reading isn’t completed. I could do it volume per volume but some are so far that I don’t wanna! Well, just don’t expect too much. That’s all.


See you next week!

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