Manga review: Tian Jiang Xian Shu Nan

So this one I was excited for, because it’s translated by mystic crescent scans. They translate good stuff and do that regularly. This one peaked my interest after it had been going on for quite some time. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

Su Jia Ao is a normal high school girl, and she’s in an unbelievable situation she’s never encountered before. A fiancée descended from the sky; his attractiveness can’t be stopped, together with that thing; this fiancee is exquisite, kind, gentle, and a highly moral person. Her parents and her neighbours compliment him nonstop. But… What a joke! Who would want to marry someone, who doesn’t have man’s qualities, as her husband? I’m afraid, even if I come to the Dong Nu Clan, who uses women are superior to men as an ethic, it won’t work. For sure, I’ll break the chain of these old principles and sing a song of freedom! …

Tian Jiang Xian Shu Nan theme 2


Despite the art that was very beautiful, the story was really trash. Normally I would like stories of the translator, but this one…It was really not nice. The story was very predictable and the chapters were so short that the story itself was either very fast of very slow. Never good. The art was very pretty and colorful. The comedy wasn’t bad nor good. It wasn’t a good manga. I’ll give it a 4,5/10. The story was trash and it wasn’t enjoyable. The art was pretty, but maybe a bit too pretty. It was short and predictable so not original either. But I’m that kind of person that wants to know the end so I read it until the end. I won’t really recommend it, unless your mood is unbreakable good or you are really very much bored, it doesn’t matter what you read.


Well this was a negative review that has to be done once in a while, I think.

See ya next week.


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