Manga review: Godly Bells

I dunno actually how I came on this webtoon. I just scrolled I think. I forgot. Well that doesn’t matter at all. So….uuuhm……here is the review, because I dunno what I can say.

Godly Bells theme 2


Divine Bells – they choose their own masters and they determine the status, prestige, and influence of the countries their masters rule. The personal and political futures of King Hong-Ryung seem doomed without a Bell, but at equally great peril if he obtains one. But are the Divine Bells magical charms, deities of great powers, or something else altogether? And when the owner of three of the eight existing Divine Bells dies, leaving them to choose new masters, where will the resulting turmoil lead? This is the story about Hong-Ryung, a king, a boy, whose past will come to light and fights in this world. With action, historical features and supernatural powers you will discover about the truth of the world. What will his choices be?

Godly Bells theme 3


So I was interested in historical manga at the time? I think so and I always liked fantasy so I bookmarked this. The story was very good. A good plot and the ending wasn’t that typical happy ending thing, but I was satisfied with it. The art. Well I liked it, but when I saw the last update from the author I was like: Omg the art really changed so much. The art was in the beginning already good and it was even better in the end. The art how fights were made and how everything went. It fits so good. I was very happy about this. Although the project was very long, I think. I only had to wait for like the last 20 chapters? Something like that. Lucky. Well I’ll give this manga a 8,5/10, because it is really good and all that stuff, but it didn’t impress me as much as I thought it would go. That’s why it a 8,5 instead of 9.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this and have a nice day.


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