Manga review: Hajiotsu

Well hmmm, what to say about this. Well I read 3 months before it was completed. Quite enjoyed it surprisingly. Well because I don’t have much to say I will just go right to the story.

Hajiotsu theme 1


Himari Ashihara has always attended all-girls schools. Because of this, she has virtually no experience with men and thus is unable to understand or deal with them at all. Her friends, Shuuko Tokiwa and Yae Kashino, decide the best way for her to overcome her problem is to confess to someone.

Gathering her courage, Himari asks Kai Satoru, a boy she Hajiotsu theme 5crosses paths with while walking to school, out on a date by the river. To her shock, Kai accepts. Unsure and taken aback, Himari makes a deal with her friends: if he shows up at the riverbank, she will continue dating him—and if he is not there, she is allowed to apologize and say she has mistaken him for another person. Anxiously waiting at their meeting place, she is surprised when Kai makes an appearance, marking the beginning of Himari’s first ever relationship.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Well this actually explains everythig you need to know so yeah…… here it is….

Hajiotsu theme 2


Hajiotsu theme 4

Well to be honest….. the originality is not really that good. It’s just a classic shoujo-manga, but despite that. It was enjoyable. I had nothing I really hated very much. Maybe I didn’t like the ending very much, but I could accept it easily. Well, the art was nice. It’s all typical shoujo kawaii stuff, but it was nice. Story was a slow development, but good and nice. I will give this an 7/10, because the originality sucks, but it’s just nice if you want to relax for a bit. That’s what I advise you if you want to have a calming story with comedy and a very, maybe too soft, mc. Well I liked it and maybe you too.


This was it for this week.

See ya later.


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