Manga review: Zerozaki Soushiki’s Humanity Test

So I literally asked someone: ‘Say a letter.’ That person answered ‘Z’. So here I am with a manga review with a Z. One of the authors, Nishio Ishin, has also written Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku. That one is interesting too. This one is more ‘exciting’ to say it like that. I think there has to be a psycholgical tag too, but I didn’t see one. It’s adapted from a novel and there is a sequel, but I haven’t looked into it. Well, hope you enjoy it.



Iori is a high-school girl who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her future, and Zerozaki Soushiki's Humanity Test theme 2tends to run away from things. One day, she is attacked by strange dead-eyed people on her way to school, only to be saved by an equally mysterious long-haired man. Later that day, her friend at school, Jion, seems to fall under the same murderous influence. To her surprise, she finds herself capable of defending herself from his violent attack. Afterward, the long-haired man she met in the morning, Zerozaki Soushiki, arrives once more, this time to invite her to become his little sister. There she meets enemies and ‘family’. What will become of her in the end?



Well, I had planned to read this manga without any thought.

Zerozaki Soushiki's Humanity Test theme 3 When I was reading, I didn’t really become relaxed. Geez, I didn’t expect such an interesting story. It was so weird, but everything connects at the end, so you wanna continue reading. The art was nice with it too, it really fits for the fighting. I think a 8/10, because it was a good story. Not seeing many flaws. Originality is good and the ending is a bit weird, but interesting. It was just not one where I was totally in the story. Not really in my category.


Well this was it for this week, hope you will read it. A link is here if you want to read it. And share you opinion too if you’ve read this (already).



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