Anime review: Ao no Kanata no Four Rythm

Ao no Kanata no Four Rythm theme 2

Hey, so now that I have vacation I can write more patiently if I want to. I will figure out what I’m gonna do, how I’m gonna write this stuff. Well, I’m just gonna try. But this anime was aired last year. It’s adapted from a manga and that manga was adapted from a(n otome-)game, I think…. There’s also a lightnovel? I dunno found it online. Didn’t research in it so much. But I hope you enjoy this.


With the invention of anti-gravitational shoes known as Grav-Shoes, the ability to fly freely has become an everyday experience for the people inhabiting a four-island archipelago south of Japan. This invention has brought the people new ways of living and also a new sport known as “Flying Circus,” where participants gain points by either touching floating buoys or their opponent’s back. Ao no Kanata no Four Rythm theme 3

The gullible and clumsy Asuka Kurashina, newly transferred to Kunahama High School, enters this world of flight unknowingly when she is able to pull off a difficult maneuver the first time she participates in a Flying Circus match. Eventually, this leads her to join her school’s Flying Circus club. Led by their coach, Masaya Hinata, their members consist of the experienced Misaki Tobisawa and her overprotective friend, Mashiro Arisaka.

(source: MAL rewrite)

Ao no Kanata no Four Rythm theme 1Opinion:

Well the synopsis tells you actually what you should know. The story involves drama that’s a bit shitty, but I think you can relate with them. Even tho there’s no ecchi genre-tag in it, I think there is. It was for me a bit irritating, but it has been worse I think. This is for people that don’t like ecchi, but can overlook that. The colors and art is very nice done. The battles are nicely done, with the neon light thingies. Despite the story that’s shitty, the manager is cool.

Ao no Kanata no Four Rythm theme 5
This is manager person

He’s pretty much… well you can understand what he feels. He’s pretty calm and you can actually predict what happened for a bit. Well, it’s nice if you ignore the shitty drama. I would recommend it to people who likes a bit of action and likes or can ignore a bit of ecchi things. I give this a 6,5/10. It was an anime that wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. It’s a bit average I guess.


Well, this is it for this week.

Bai people

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