Manga review: 13 club

Well it’s been a while since I made a manga review. This was the first one i found in my list that’s completed so yeah. Here ya go.

13 club theme 1



There’s a site called 13 club. It’s a site full of strange stories. There are 5 stories highlighted. All are different, but a certain person colects those stories and puts them on the site.



13 club theme 3


This manga is pretty unique. The stories always end up pretty bad, but it’s good I think. They are really interesting and I would recommend this to people who like mysterie and pychologie. I give this one a 8/10, because it’s unique and I like bad endings. Good endings are good too, but they’re too predictable. I liked the art too. There’re not really bad points, but it’s overall pretty dark. If you don’t like dark stories, don’t read.


Well, that’s it. See ya next time

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