Manga review: Pandora Hearts

I stumbled on this manga after I had seen the anime (so annoying if that happens and you know already what happens….). I liked the art, so I read further, but it was a bit hard to go read it in one go. So I read it in peaces, but I was reading pretty nice at the end and I still had sort of read it in one go. Than I had to process it. Geez, it was too much information for me. This time I’m gonna explain the plot too. I had read in comments on Kissmanga that some didn’t understand but if you don’t want to read it then skip it. Hope you enjoy it.


This is not the plot. So I will give you the summary of the manga, because it’s actually explained good enough.

Oz Vessalius is about to turn fifteen, and as the heir to a prestigious family, he

Pandora Hearts theme 4

must undergo a coming-of-age ceremony. However, during the ceremony Oz’s carefree life changes forever — he’s attacked by a group of mysterious people in red cloaks, and they tell him that his very existence is a sin and for that he must be cast into the prison of the Abyss.

But B-Rabbit, one of the Abyss’s Chains, comes to save Oz. She tells him her name is Alice, and in order to break free from the Abyss, he makes a contract with her. Once back in his world, Oz is approached by the organization Pandora, and he becomes caught up in the mysteries that surround them.

With the power of B-Rabbit on his side, Oz begins his quest to find out the truth. Why was his existence such a sin that he had to be sent to the Abyss? Why has Alice lost her memories? What happened one hundred years ago when a whole town was dragged into the Abyss? There are many questions unfolding around him, and Oz will have to act quickly if he wants to answer them before his time runs out.

Explanation plot:

So just gonna explain from what I understand from the past.

Pandora Hearts theme 6So 100 years before the main story there was a girl named Lacie Baskerville. She was called a child of misfortune. The inhabitants of the Abyss said children of misfortune must be given as soon as possible to the Abyss. People didn’t know why they wanted the child of misfortune. Maybe they did, but they just thought they were cursed by god or something like that. Nobody really cared about them. (Truth will be later explained). Lacie meets Jack Vessalius on street. He looks like a poor orphan. At that time they’re just kids.

Years later when they are around 16, I guess they find each other in a peculiar way. Jack has build his way to Lacie once again. This is the beginning of his obsession about Lacie. Jack is getting friendly with the brother of Lacie, Oswald Baskerville. Oswald is the heir of the current Baskervilles. But Oswald is very cold towards Jack. Then he made a piece called Lacie. In the beginning you will hear the sound in the anime. Oswald, jack and Lacie are for for a while ‘good’ friends. Before Lacie gets send to the Abyss, someone comes by. It’s Glen Baskerville , the real heir. He proposes something interesting (for him). He asks himself: what happens if a cursed child gets a child? And Lacie cooperates. Then Lacie is given to the Abyss she says: I’m sorry, but Jack thinks that its about the Abyss. That the Abyss is a bad place.

Jack lose his mind and thinks only about Lacy. He thinks he’s better of

Pandora Hearts theme 5

ead than a world without her. Not much later Oswald says he wants to see him to see something. There he meets Alice. Alice is the daughter of Lacie and Glen. He thinks that is Lacie, but after an explanation he understands it’s not Lacie, but Alice. Every day he goes to her and plays with her. When that happens something changes in Alice. She changes in the Will of the Abyss. It happens more and more and Jack notices. When he confronts her, she doesn’t deny it and after explaining why. Jack doesn’t mind it.


Well and after this the tragedy happens, because Jack wants to break all the seals and misunderstands that the Abyss is a bad place. This was all to save the Will of the Abyss from loneliness. That happens while he uses Oz.



Well, I think it was a really good manga and the anime could be better, but it’s not bad. I liked the development of each character. The plot is cool and unexpected. The writer is super good. The art was also good. Overall to conclude: it was very good. I will give it a 8,5/10. Cause this is now the best one I’ve read. I like plot twists so much and don’t see that many flaws in it. Just a few, but they’re so few that it ends up like this. there’s no perfect manga for me. But it’s close to a good one.

But now I’m gonna ralk about some spoilers for those who don’t want to know…well just try to skip it.

Pandora Hearts theme 2


I almost cried when Oscar and Break died. Didn’t expect  Sharon would marry Reim. Raven is a real cutie and a crybaby. The ending was not the best. If they would balance it out, Oz and Alice wouldn’t come back, but the writer probably wanted a good ending so yeah.


Well that’s it for this week. Not gonna write that much ever again! Too much work. But see you later!

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