Anime review: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Hi I’m here again with a popular anime. This is also known as Assassination classroom. The TV series have intotal 47 episodes. I haven’t read this manga and don’t plan to read it. This will be fully focused on the anime and I really don’t knwo anything about the background. Don’t say something like: You forgot that stuff. But yeah, hope you’ll enjoy.



Because there’s mcuh to say I’m going not really doing the summary so long. So yeah…. There’s a school, that’s very prestigous and has 5 classes. they’re according to the grades that they get and the lowest is class-E. Also called class-End. They’re the drop outs that Assassinaton classroom theme 2couldn’t have good grades and getting humiliated by it. One day the moon dissapears for 70% and nobody knows the cause. Some time later the govement comes in class-E. They say something like: “Here is your new teacher and you’re going to kill him.” And so the story continues with a yellow octopus-like creature.



So I really liked this one, because there was some drama and coemdy in it. I like drama, but they don’t have to exaggerate and it didn’t happen in this one. This is also one of a kind where many characters will be put in the spotlight. That’s also a plus point,. And the ending… the ending was just something where I cried. It was just so sad. Anyways, I would give this anime a 9/10, because there were some episodes I wasn’t fan of. All for all this was a very good one. Ohw and my favourite character is Rinka Hayami. In one of the specials she’s awesome. What is your favourite character?

That’s it for this time. See ya later.

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