Manga review: Annarasumanara

So this is actually a webtoon, but IAnnarasumanara translators will place it in the manga catogorie. This will be the same for Manhwa and Manhua. If you wanna know the difference. One is Korean and one is Chinese. Don’t know which one, but yeah. Annarusamanara (안나라수마나라) is really deep. The translators are EasyGoingScans (EGS). It’s written and drawn by Ilkwon Ha. So I hope you will enjoy it.

So there is a girl named Yoon Ah-ee. She’s very poor and in school she’s getting bullied or ignored,  because of it. She works very hard and has the best grades in school. She lives together with her sister in a shabby room where they get barely enough to eat. Their father doesn’t live at home and comes by when he has enough money. The landlord doesn’t know this aAnnarasumanara themend Yoon lies every time. One time there is a rumor of a man at the run-down amusement park nearby or in the town. There she meets a man, because she was searching for her money. He claims he’s a real magician and that magic really exists. She runs away and forgets the money. She meets him again and shen he casts a “spell” he says: annarasumanara. She then gets 2 bills instead of 1. He says it’s his magic. Together they have many problems and you will know the history of the characters. The end is really sad and vague, but you have to think about it yourself.


So this webtoon was really interesting. I don’t really like reading psychological manga, because most of the times they’re with horror. This one wasn’t and I was curious, because of the summary. I liked the art very much and the boy Na-Il Deung was at the end normal. In the beginning I thought he would be like that forever, that the ary was like that, but it had another reason. So it bothered me a bit, but at the end when he changed how he looked originally I understood why he was drawn like that. if you think I’m not really clar about how it is, I don’t wanna spoil too much. But the end felt so weird and sad, I cried about it for a bit. Then I thought: why aren’t there more chapters! Geez the ninjAnnarasumanara persona onion cutters were there. I think I will give this 1 a 7,5/10 because I liked the art, story and colouring, but this isn’t the best one I’ve ever read. I don’t think highly of those with psychological tags by them. It was a very deep story, so I won’t recommend it to you if you want to have simple plots and not like these or Pandora Hearts. Speaking of Pandora Hearts i don’t know when, but there will be a review about Pandora hearts. It’ll be about the anime adaption and the manga.

See u next time and if you read it, watch out for the ninja onion cutters.

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