Manga review: Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Anime theme + all charactersHey, here again. So most of the girls (who read manga for half a year) would know this manga/ anime/ movie. This time I’m going to review the manga only. That’s because the Manga has the whole story and I have first watched anime and then read manga. I only read the mang from where it ends with the anime. I haven’t seen the movie yet and it will be like that for a long time. I don’t really like asian drama’s to be honest so don’t expect me to watch much of these.

So the MC’s are Kyouya Sata and Erika Shinohara. Erika is a energetic girl who tries to fit in, so she makes a picture of a random hot guy and she shows it to her friends. Soon after she discovers that the guy on the photo was someone in school. He introduce himself as Kyouya and if he must co-operate she must beg. She does and is called wolf girl. Although Kyouya is called sadistic, Erika falls in love with the little kindness he shows. And so their comedic love story begins.

Movie theme


I watched this anime when I had already watched many, so it didn’t really draw me in. But I forced myself to watch and I didn’t like the first episode so stopped. After a long while I forced myself to watch again, because I had it still my listed. So I thought: maybe I wasn’t in the mood. So I watched the second one and liked it very much. And I continued to watch. I think this manga is a really nice one. Not one of my favorites, but I liked it. So I give it a 7/10. I mean, I like the art, story and charcters. But that’s it. I laughed too, but didn’t really hav any fellings by it when reading. I recommend it if you like comedy or romance.

Okay that’s it for this time. I don’t think I will be posting very much, but I try to.

Later people.

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