Manga review: Hana to Akuma

Hello, long time no see, but actually nobody comes here so it doesn’t matter. However I’vehana-to-akuma-4 come back so this time I will write when I can. But okay, here I come with a new review. It’s called Hana to Akuma. I’ve had this bookmarked for so long and finally read it in 2 days. So hopefully you enjoy it and I’m going to do my review a bit different.

hana-to-akuma-1So Hana to Akuma is about a naïve girl named Hana. She’s found by a demon named Vivi and he takes care of her. In the beginning I thought it would be just a never-ending comedy manga, but after a few chapters I saw a story in it. So she’s 14 years old and than it becomes livelier. With more people Hana tries hard to help people, whana-to-akuma-2hile the thickheaded Vivi is jealous.

So in the beginning i was a bit confused what this was supposed to be, but after a while I got it. It was very funy and had a nice emotional story to it. I was only a bit dissapointed to the end, where Hana died. I actully cried. But because of it, it had a good balance. It wasn’t a too happy ending (that I can absolutely hate).

I think I will give this manga an 8/10. It’s a very good manga but it had it’s ups and downs.

This manga was translated by Kokoro no Oasis scans this scanlation is no longer active, but it has all translated manga on it.

See you later people.

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