Manga review: Last Game

Hi guys, so I read this manga when there were I think 10 chapters left and it left a good impression on me, so hope you do the same. So enjoy reading.

Type: Mangalast-game-cover

Volumes: 11

Chapters: 56 (+9 extra’s)

Published: Aug 24, 2011 to Jun 24, 2016

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Slice of life

Authors: Amano, Shinobu (Story & Art)


Name: Mikoto Kujou

Summary: She is the smartest girl on every scholast-game-charactersol she’s been on. Though she’s poor she always has enough money. She doesn’t express her emotions so much (Unconcious) she’s very dense, but that’s because she has a goal to take care of her family.

Name: Naoto Yanagi

Summary: He’s a very rich boy who excels at everything. He’s proud of himself and spends money whenever he wants. Though he always loses against Mikoto. He decides to make a game ‘The last game’.


So like I said Mikoto Kujou is a very smart girl who is very poor and dense. She grows up with one parent because her father died when she was very young. She decided she shouldn’t lean on someone anymore and has been able to survive with her loving mother. Despite that she is a genius! Though she hasn’t any friends for a long while.last-game-characters-2

Naoto Yanagi is also very smart (,though not as smart as Mikoto). He’s a rich, spoiled and arrogant guy who is always surrounded by girls. He was always on top of the school list, but became second by none the less Mikoto. By that experience, he hated her. He wanted to defeat he but couldn’t.

Together they experience like any other student would have in Japan. Despite being super rich and stuff, it’s pretty normal in a very funny way.


So I think that this is a pretty god story, it takes you back and forth to different kinds of timelines. It’s funny and the art is pretty good. I will give it a 9/10 because it’s one of the best manga I’ve read so far. (Didn’t read much…). Sorry if it’s short, but I can’t really talk much about it. It’s just…nice.

So this will it be for this week


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