Anime Review: Shounen maid

Hello everyone, this time I’m going to review a anime called: Shounen/ Shonen maid. It’s a very funny anime that I watched a few weeks ago and was released this year. Because I was lazy I watched it in one go when it was already published. So here you go. Enjoy reading.

Type: TVShounen maid cover

Episodes: 12

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Apr 8, 2016 to Jul 1, 2016

Premiered: Spring 2016

Broadcast: Fridays at 01:58 (JST)

Producers: TBS

Licensors: FUNimation Entertainment

Studios: 8bit

Source: Manga


Main Characters:

Name: Madoka TakatoriShounen maid characters 3

Birthday: January 19

Voice: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese), Ayumu Murase (Japanese), Hitomi Ohwada (Japanese), Seth Magill (English)

Summary: He’s an airheaded guy who’s the uncle of Chihiro. Though he can’t clean and can bake only sweets. He can make clothes very good. He makes for those around him clothes in no time and for customers just before the deadline. He’s no discipline but was very close to his sister (Chihiro’s mom)


Name: Chihiro KomiyaShounen maid characters 4

Birthday: June 6

Voice: Natsumi Fujiwara (Japanese), Apphia Yu (English)

Summary: He’s very smart guy who’s like a housewife. He can clean, cook and study good. He has a short temperament, but cares much about the ones around him. He moves inside the hous of Madoka and doesn’t want to be indebted so he works as a maid there. That is after his mother died and gave him a very weird letter.



Chihiro is a guy who had a good life with his mother is now left alone when his mother Shounen maid characters 5died. With no relatives he lives by 2 old adults who care about him. Few days later he meets Madoka TShounen maid characters 1akatori on a very awkward situation. There he helps him and he says he’s Chihiro’s uncle. Chihiro thought that his mother had no relatives. Madoka says it’s p
true, because she left the family. When he’s there he’s like: ‘I don’t want to live here to beShounen maid characters 6 indebted.’ So when he sees trash he’s iShounen maid characters 2n clean-mode. Than suggests Madoka to be the housekeeper here to not be indebted. From then he has lots of fun with his friends and new family.


Opinion:Shounen maid funny

I think it’s a very funny anime and I very much like it. I recommend it when you need some laughter because you’re going to laugh about it. It reminds me of Acchi kocchi (or however you write it). I give it a 7/10, because it’s fun, but I have seen better ones.


This was it for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. Tell your opinion. And sorry if it was too short

Peace out

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