Manga Review: Xingkong club

Hello, there I am again. So this time it is a manga called Xingkong club (or starry night club). This is a manga that found and kept reading. And this month the final chapter was released! I’d forgotten about it, but after 3 months (see date when this was released) was the final chapter by mystic crescent scans translated. And if you want to know my opinion scroll below or read the information that I’ve got.

Name: Xingkong club, Starry night clubXingkong club cover

Author: Black cat

Chapters: 149

Language: Translated, Korean???

Translators: Mystic crescent scans

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender bender, Manhua, Romance, School life, Shoujo

Sorry but characters this time in pictures.

Xingkong club characters 1Xingkong club characters 2

Xingkong club characters 3
Yes this is a boy, he’s Elizabeth
Xingkong club characters 4
Yue Hui and Angelica










So there’s a girl Yue Hui and she’s just a normal student at an academy, has a normal life and that kind of stuff, you get it? So she needs a job and finds something, but only males can enter and she decides she really needs the money so she disguise herself as a boy. And guess what? She gets the job. But she’s discovered and she’s like: ‘No please don’t tell anyone’ and he’s okay with it and as times passes by she gets discovered by the rest. In that time, she knows that this house has many secrets and get to know the 12 guys who live there. She falls in love with Zero and goes than to Li Shui. *Cheater. But okay Zero won’t fall in love with her because his past with Ming Xue (old girlfriend that disappeared suddenly). And she’s like: ‘I’m okay with it’. About those guys, they each have a dark past and that past belongs to a curse. That from Zero is that the one he loves disappears. So she wants to help. Though she finds nothing. Then there’s the girl called Angelica Borgia and she’s the little sister of Jun and is secretly loved (I think) by Karan (don’t know and don’t care). So she and her are waiting for a ceremony (where Yue Hui is forced in. poor her) and the ceremony got disturbed and Angelica got kidnapped. Yue Hui breaks the first seal when she was rescued by Li Shui, so he has now bad ass powers and wins against the kidnappers (though Angelica is kidnapped). They come and rescue her, but she’s like possessed and tries to murder everyone. So Yue Hui is again the hero and breaks another curse and so they are safe again. Before the rescued her there is a girl that claims to be Li Shui’s wife, Xi Lu Qi before this all happened, because they’re always reincarnated. So in the life before all this happened she was his wife to say so. But actually she is just a bitch and a witch that serves the one who started this. Though everything was good Yue Hui comes in touch with her memories of her previous life (that she didn’t even know about she was reincarnated). So on they find the truth and then fights against the one who began it.

Opinion:Xinkong club opinion

I thought the story was very good and they explained it good what was going on. I like such art, so that wasn’t even bothering me. Only the end, it was the worst! I was disappointed when I read the end. I was like: ‘IS this the end! No sequel!? NOOOOOOOO!!!’ you can understand it when you read the end. The story and its plot I will give a 9/10 and the end 1/10. Couldn’t be worse…
Update: Yes this is finished. I saw many things like: is this the end? answer: yes it unfortunately is. This is because the original author dropped it literally there…

So this is my opinion, share your opinion with me. See you next week.



5 thoughts on “Manga Review: Xingkong club

    1. I forgot where I read it sorry, but the author had medical issues and couldn’t continue with the story 😭😭😭😭


    1. Its so sad the the author ended it..but i hope the author will continue it maybe someday?i reaally love the story


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