Manga review: Vampire Juujikai

So I have a manga, but I don’t know if anyone knows, but I think some will know. It’s Vampire Juujikai (The record of a fallen vampire), it’s a manga that exists a long time, but I read it a few weeks ago and I totally loved it! So here is my review of Vampire Juujikai. Hope you enjoy.


Title: Vampire Juujikai (The record of a fallen vampire)The record of  a fallen vampire 1st volume

Type: Manga

Volumes: 9

Chapters: 44

Published: Aug 12, 2003 to Feb 10, 2007

Language: Japanese (original), English (translated)

Genres: Magic, Shounen, Vampire, Supernatural

Authors: Shirodaira, Kyou (Story),Kimura, Yuri (Art)

Serialization: Shounen Gangan


Main Characters:

Name: Strauss Akabara (Vampire king)Strauss Akabara

Nickname: Red Rose

Age: Over the thousand years

Hair color: Blue

Eye color: Red

Summary: A vampire king that abandoned his own land for certain reasons. You see him never angry (besides when you look in the past) and is a mega overpowered person. In the story he’s the enemy of human as dhampire (half human, half vampire). He is with the queen of vampires the only full blood vampire.

Why so serious looking?

Name: Bridget Irving FrostheartBridget Irving Frostheart

Age: Over the thousand years

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Summary: The leader that wants to extinguish the Vampire king. Originally she was the daughter of the Vampire king after he adopted her. She has the ability to lay ‘webs’ to gather where someone is and can make illusion barriers (but in the whole story I don’t see the illusion barriers. Probably because I’m blind [-)). She can’t always keep her cool, though she’s managing herself to at least try it.

I mean look at them

Name: Kayuki HirisakaKayuki Hirasaka

Age: 17?

Hair color: Pink

Eye color: Pink

Summary: The 50th black swan. A curse that’s made to kill the vampire king. Kayuki is trying to be cool but that hasn’t any luck for her (,cuz she’s naïve). Her father is named GM (Great Masker) that’s actually the dumbest name ever! So she works with the vampire king to accomplish GM’s goals (that’s actually her grandfather).

Strauss Akabara 2


This one’s better.

Don’t ya think?



So it goes about a vampire king named Strauss Akabara aka Red Rose, that is hunted down by an society for the purpose to kill Strauss. They want to kill him cuz Akabara wants to revive his wife, the queen of vampires. The queen named Adelheit has almost destroyed the world when her powers (That she didn’t know) went rampaging. (why so much German names, because there’s Strauss Akabara, Adelheid, Stella Heizerberg, Maria Saverhagen and Takahashi Ethelbart. Never mind that)

Jin Renka
Stella Heizerberg

So she was sealed away by Saverhagen. A very strong exorcist that has a dumb sense of justice. Because Saverhagen knew that Strauss wanted to look for her, Saverhagen made more than 300 “fake” seals. So Strauss’s going to destroy them all till he finds his wife. Actually the story goes that he searches his wife, because he loves her, but that plot changes many times. So with a society after him, he also got the “Black swan” after him. A blackbird that searches for people to destroy Strauss. Every time the Black swan dies the memories will be given to the next


black swan, so the experience with him in combat. Now the 50th Black swan arrived and


she’s very strong, but she looks like the previous Black swan the 49th. And Jin Renka, loved the previous Black swan and wants revenge. But when the Black swan wants to cooperate with Strauss, they must kill her.
But his heart is as soft as the softest thing in the world so he can’t do it and struggles almost the whole story about how she looks. But okay, so the Black swan and Strauss are working for the time being till her objective is completed toget


her. They all have their own agenda and the questions are: what are they planning? What happened when the world was almost annihilated? And will Strauss survive? Oh yeah, almost forgot. There’s a girl named Laetitia and she’s badass with her weapons! And she helps Strauss.





It’s already opinion time. So my opinion is that I like the art, with those big eyes. It contains very big plot that I like so much always! Only on the last chapters the plot is a bit too fast. Furthermore I really recommend you really to read it if you like plot twists. Also if you like things that are supernatural with a bit reality (Okay there’s not much reality but okay) than you will definitely like it. I will give it 9/10, because I really really loved it, it was amazing. But the plot on the end was for my opinion a bit too hasty. That was I think my reason for it. Also, sometimes you have those situations where you think you know what will happen, but will be competely different and you think: ‘What a shock!’ but I’m now exaggerating. It’s just in that direction.


Okay that was it for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. Leave your own opinion if you’ve read it or if you’ve read it because of my review. I like to know other opinions. So until next week.


Bye bye

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